Tuesday, December 6, 2011

RIP MacBook

I am very sad today because I lost a member of my family, my white mac book :( I dropped it not even a foot and the hard drive jammed. I sat in the apple store for an hour before they got to me ( even though I made an appointment! I felt bad for the girl at the genius bar. She delivered me the bad news and thus began my water works. I was sent upstairs to buy a new computer. The guy helping me was really nice. I felt bad that I was crying because it must have been uncomfortable for him! I got a mac book pro and the store set everything up for me. I also stopped by nyu and purchased microsoft office for a discounted price.
I think my biggest concern was all the work i lost on my computer. That was three years work of school work, my senior thesis, plays i have written, 4000 songs and 3000 pictures. I hope that i have learned my lesson and will now be backing all of my work up!

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