Tuesday, December 20, 2011


So it is finals time and my last post to this blog for a while. Unfortunately I am still working on my website because I lost a lot of work when my computer died :( but I need to just finish and get it over with. I was answering the questions that our class was sent. It made me reach back into my memory to figure out the HTML coding. I think it was very benificial to learn this but I will admit that it is something I will have to keep up with because I am not good at remembering codes. I am very excited to show my family the imovie I made ( which is now on youtube!) check it out sometime! It is all about my trip to Ireland this summer :)
I am glad this semester is over! I am now home and am already working at my childrens theater! One more semester to go and then I have to hit the real world! OH CRAP.

PS - no word for William or Kate on the apparent pregnancy. I say they will announce it after christmas!

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