Monday, November 14, 2011

Investigating Browsers.

Growing up I used msn internet, and it took forever! I dont miss dial up and I also hated using the msn version of internet explorer!

When I had a dell laptop I used internet explorer. It was very slow and had trouble loading many of the pages. Now I steer clear of it because every time I use it, it is slow and has some sort of issue configuring with my computer.

When I got my mac it came with safari. I LOVED this browser because it worked in great conjunction with my mac computer. About a year after I had my mac , safari began running slow and took time to download web pages.

I took an HTML coding class and we needed to download many different browsers. This is when I began using fire fox and I am very loyal to it. Because they keep updating their browsers it seems to be the most efficient one I have used since my journey on the internet began.

I also like google chrome because I am a big google person. It is great for me that firefox holds a google option in the tool bar. I think that google chrome will begin to get used more widely because it hard for people to abandon their browsers for a new one!

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